Manage the switches (Mellanox switches currently cannot be managed by LXCA)

Once the servers are managed, Lenovo switches can be managed as well. For this topic, you will need the switch credentials as well as the IP addresses used to manage the three switches in the solution.

To manage the switches, follow these steps:

  1. At the top menu of the XClarity Administrator, select Hardware > Discover and Manage New Devices.
  2. Click Manual Input.
  3. In the Manual Input window, enter the IP address for the BMC switch, then click OK.
    Figure 1. Manual Input window
    Screenshot of Manual Input window
  4. In the Manage window, click Manage stored credentials.
    Figure 2. Manage stored credentials control
    Screenshot of Manage stored credentials control
  5. In the Stored credentials management window, click the Create new stored credentials button ( ).
  6. Enter the user name, password, and description for the BMC switch, and click Create Stored Credential. Switch credentials set during Azure Stack Hub deployment should be listed in the Customer Deployment Summary document from the Lenovo Professional Services engineer who deployed the solution.
    Figure 3. Create Stored Credential control
    Screenshot of switch Create Stored Credential control
  7. Click Close in the success confirmation window.
  8. Back in the Stored credentials management window, select the radio button to the left of the BMC switch credentials that were just created, and then click Select.
    Figure 4. Selecting new BMC switch credentials
    Screenshot of selecting new BMC switch credentials
  9. Back in the Manage window, verify that the correct stored credential is selected in the drop-down list, and then click Manage. An ‘enable’ password is not used on the BMC switch.
    Figure 5. Manage new BMC switch credential
    Screenshot of managing the new BMC switch credential
  10. A progress window opens to display progress of the management action. Once the action completes, click Close.
    Figure 6. Management action progress window
    Screenshot of the management action progress window
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 to manage the TOR switches. An ‘enable’ password is not required for the TOR switches since all switches running CNOS are managed via REST API. Note that if the user credentials are identical for both TOR switches, you can manage them both using a single additional stored credential.
    Figure 7. Manual input with multiple systems
    Screenshot of manual input with multiple systems

    Otherwise, each TOR switch will need to be managed individually with its own unique credential.

Once management of all three switches is complete, XClarity Administrator displays them in a manner very similar to any managed server.