Import firmware update packages

To import the firmware updates, follow these steps:
  1. At the top menu of XClarity Administrator, select Provisioning > Repository. Initially, the firmware repository may be empty (for example, if you have just installed and configured XClarity Administrator using the instructions in Appendix A), as indicated by the blue informational alert in the illustration below.
    Figure 1. XClarity Administrator firmware update repository
    Screenshot of XClarity Administrator firmware update repository
  2. Click the Import icon () and then click Select Files….
  3. Navigate to the appropriate firmware directory located in D:\Lenovo\LXCA as described above, select all files in the directory, and click Open.
    Figure 2. Selecting files for import
    Screenshot of selecting files for import
  4. Click Import. A status bar appears at the top of the window during import and validation.
    Figure 3. Firmware import status
    Screenshot of firmware import status
You can now expand the Product Catalog to reveal each component firmware update version contained in the repository. Note that you will see what appears to be an incomplete package for XClarity Controller firmware v1.08, based on the Download Status column. This is expected and is because the XClarity Administrator repository contains the XML file for that package, but not the payload file. The XML file is needed to satisfy a prerequisite check, but the other package components are not needed.
Figure 4. Product Catalog showing new updates
Screenshot of Product Catalog showing new updates