Configure Additional Security Settings task

Follow this procedure for configuring additional security settings as part of XClarity Administrator initial setup.

  1. In the Initial Setup window, click Configure Additional Security Settings. The Security page displays.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Cryptography.
  3. In the Minimum Client TLS Version dropdown, select TLS v1.2. Verify that the other two entries on the page are also set to TLS v1.2, and click Apply.
    Figure 1. Cryptography Management tab
    Screenshot of the Cryptography Management tab
  4. Click OK in the confirmation window.
  5. Another pop-up window displays confirming that cryptographic settings have been changed and that the management server must be restarted before the changes take effect. Click Close.
  6. Click Return to Initial Setup.
  7. At this point, XClarity Administrator is ready to start managing systems. Verify that all steps on the Initial Setup page display a green checkmark except for the last one, as shown in the screenshot below.
    Figure 2. Initial Setup window with one task remaining
    Screenshot of Initial Setup window with one task remaining
Proceed to Start Managing Systems task.