Apply XClarity Administrator update package

To apply an update package to XClarity Administrator, follow these steps:
  1. Continue from the Update Management Server page from Apply XClarity Administrator Pro license. Click the Import icon () and then Select Files….
  2. Navigate to D:\Lenovo\LXCA\LXCA Update Files, select all four files in the directory, and click Open.
    Figure 1. Selecting update package files
    Screenshot of selecting update package files
  3. In the Import window, click Import. Progress displays until the import completes, when the Import window closes.
  4. In the Update Management Server window, select the imported update package, and click the Perform Update () button.
    Figure 2. Selecting the update package and performing update
    Screenshot of selecting the update package and performing update
  5. In the confirmation pop-up window, click Start Update.
  6. The Applied Status column changes to “In Progress” until a pop-up message displays, indicating that the connection to the management server has been lost. This is normal when updating XClarity Administrator. Click Close.
  7. Wait for the management server to restart, which can take several minutes. If necessary, refresh the browser to return to the XClarity Administrator sign-in page, then sign in using the primary supervisor account created earlier.
  8. Return to the Update Management Server page and wait for the download status to become “Cleaned Up” and applied status to become “Applied” before proceeding. You may need to refresh the page to get the final status to update.
    Figure 3. Update package final statuses
    Screenshot of update package final statuses