Adding ThinkAgile SXM nodes to a deployed solution

Most of the work performed by Lenovo Professional Services to add nodes to an existing ThinkAgile SXM solution relates to preparing the running solution for the additional nodes. The nodes to be added must match exactly the existing nodes in hardware configuration and settings, as well as system firmware.

For Microsoft’s information on adding nodes to a running Azure Stack Hub deployment, see Add additional scale unit nodes in Azure Stack Hub.

Important considerations

Before you commit to adding a node to your existing ThinkAgile SXM deployment, there are some important issues to consider in your planning.
  • As Microsoft states in their page on adding scale nodes in Azure Stack Hub linked above, “Add node operations can take several hours to days to complete.” During this time, the operation is rebalancing the storage in your Azure Stack Hub solution. The amount of time this rebalance operation takes depends on the number of nodes and the size of the workloads you typically run in your solution.

  • Additional nodes can only be added one at a time. To add multiple nodes, you must wait for the current add-node operation to complete first. You can monitor the progress of your add-node operation in the Azure Stack Hub admin portal.

  • The add-node and rebalancing operations do not require system downtime, but performance may be affected on solutions running heavy workloads, especially during the storage-rebalancing operation.