Back up BMC switch configuration

Before beginning the update procedure, ensure that the BMC switch configuration has been backed up.

Note: If the Lenovo ThinkSystem NE0152T RackSwitch is not being managed by LXCA, use the steps in Updating BMC switch firmware using the CLI to update this switch if it exists in your solution.
Backing up the switch configuration files from a Lenovo BMC switch is simple in XClarity Administrator. Follow these steps:
  1. At the top menu of the XClarity Administrator browser interface, select Hardware > Switches.
  2. Click the checkbox to select the BMC switch.
    Figure 1. Selecting BMC switch for configuration backup
    Screenshot of selecting BMC switch for configuration backup
  3. Select All Actions > Configuration > Backup configuration file.
  4. In the window that displays, verify that the BMC switch displays in the Selected Switches field. Enter a descriptive comment for the backup, and click Backup.
    Figure 2. Verifying and commenting BMC switch for backup
    Screenshot of verifying and commenting BMC switch for backup
  5. A successful backup confirmation message displays. Click Close to dismiss this message.
  6. The backup switch configuration files are stored internal to XClarity Administrator, but we must provide a more accessible copy. To save a copy to the HLH, click a switch to open a detailed view of the switch.
  7. In the left pane, select Configuration Files, and click the checkbox next to the file name to select the backup configuration file.
    Figure 3. Selecting the configuration file backup for download
    Screenshot of selecting the configuration file backup for download
  8. Click the Download configuration file from XClarity to local PC button ().
  9. Depending on the browser being used, specify a download location and save the file. The default file name provided by XClarity Administrator is in the following format:<SwitchHostname>—<IPAddress>—<Date>—<Time>.cfg
  10. Move the BMC configuration backup file into the D:\Lenovo\Switch Config Backups directory on the HLH.