License considerations

The ThinkAgile HX certified nodes products provide different license options catering to your needs. You can use the default feature set of both Lenovo and Nutanix software, upgrade your software to an enhanced set, extend your license term, or reassign existing licenses to nodes or clusters as required.

Table 1. License options
Developer Component(optional) License options
Lenovo Lenovo XClarity Administrator
  • Lenovo XClarity Pro (for XClarity Administrator)

  • XClarity Pro (for XClarity Administrator) and Prism Pro

Nutanix Nutanix AHV Nutanix SW Stack on Nutanix AHV
Nutanix Acropolis
  • Nutanix Starter

  • Nutanix Pro

  • Nutanix Ultimate

Nutanix Acropolis Upgrades
  • Nutanix Starter to Pro Upgrade

  • Nutanix Starter to Ultimate Upgrade

  • Nutanix Pro to Ultimate Upgrade

Nutanix Prism
  • Prism Starter

  • Prism Pro

  • XClarity Pro and Prism Pro

Nutanix capacity
  • Node Cores

  • Node Tebibytes

Nutanix storage capacity expansion Nutanix APOS HW Upgrade for previously sold HX node: Additional TiB
Other software Nutanix ENC - Data at Rest Encryption

Refer to below web pages for the most current information about license types, expiration dates, and any free license inventory: